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Naturist Legacy Park is Manitoba's only nudist park.

Naturist Legacy Inc. is the corporation that owns it.

Crocus Grove Sun Club is who they once were.

THE NATURIST LEGACY FILES are articles, documents and photos for the public and for members that show you what's hidden behind the nudist park gate.

Naturist Legacy Park overview

Naturist Legacy Park is a nudist park located 35 minutes northeast of Winnipeg's Perimeter Highway (it's 10 kilometres east of Libau, Manitoba on Provincial Road 317). The 80-acre property was vacant farmland when Naturist Legacy Inc. took possession on October 1, 2010. "So how did we go from absolutely nothing to something quite amazing in just two short years? Countless hours of 'outside the box' thinking and planning produced a solid business plan for a naturist park that inspired enough confidence in our members to both fund it and build it. We owe money only to ourselves, with not one thin dime owed to any external bank or lender. Everything we have, including our new land, is fully ours paid in full. Except for the help of a few necessary tradespeople, every hour of labour that has gone into our park has been volunteered by our own members" (from "Manitoba's Naturist Legacy is open for business").

"Naturist Legacy is a large naturist park with a small campground component. Naturist Legacy's business model is not patterned after our old location, which was essentially a large campground that catered to nudists. We do not actively market camping spaces. We do not need to have a larger campground to survive.... Rather than a campground, we are instead a naturist park first and foremost. We are in the social nudism/naturism business, which is a much broader vision than just the campground business. Our corporation exists to create and hold safe an appropriate location where people can come and practice naturism. We wish to limit the 'footprint' of our buildings, campsites and other infrastructure in order to maintain as much of our land's natural beauty as possible" (from Naturist Legacy's Business Fundamentals Guide).

Naturist Legacy Inc. overview

Naturist Legacy Inc. was created in 2010 after the owners of the campground that Crocus Grove Sun Club had called home for 40 years unexpectedly ended nude use. Crocus Grove Sun Club officially evolved into Naturist Legacy Inc. on September 11, 2010. "Naturist Legacy's business structure is somewhat unique. It's not a 'mom and pop' club, a co-op or a commercial, for-profit corporation. We are instead a membership-based non-profit (non-share) corporation. No one 'owns' Naturist Legacy. It's governed and managed by a board of directors (elected by the membership), who are in turn governed by the corporation's by-laws" (from "Manitoba's Naturist Legacy is open for business").

"Directors have certain duties to the members of the corporation. They must ensure that the corporation and its directors abide by the terms of its letter patent [articles of incorporation in Manitoba] and bylaws, which have been considered by the courts as akin to a contract between the corporation and its members. Directors must also treat all members equally (for instance, by fixing or collecting dues or enacting rules or bylaws), unless the best interests of the corporation clearly require otherwise.

"Directors must tread especially carefully in the sensitive and litigation-rich area of members' discipline. Before suspending, fining, expelling or refusing to readmit a member, directors must make sure that the bylaws of the corporation clearly empower them to do so, and that all the internal procedural steps they set out (notices, delays, inquest and recommendation by a committee, hearing, internal appeal, etc.) have been strictly adhered to.

"The proceedings must afford a reasonable degree of procedural fairness i.e., fair play and good faith. The disciplined member should be given fair notice, and an opportunity to be heard (and have counsel present) in his own defence by board members open to persuasion. Otherwise, the board's decision will be subject to review by a Court. Directors must be careful not to impinge on the member's reputation, for example by publicising at large his expulsion and the motives thereof, or by having a general meeting of members ratify it when a board resolution is sufficient according to the bylaws. They stand to be personally sued for damages if they do" (from Industry Canada's Primer for Directors of Not-for-Profit Corporations).

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