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More Than Meets The Eye

All of us are familiar with the oft-repeated idiom about there being "more than meets the eye." It basically means that things are often more interesting or complicated than they appear at first.

"More than meets they eye" is a very appropriate phrase to describe lots of what's going on at Naturist Legacy Park these days. Decisions have been made and continue to be made that are resulting in almost non-stop progress. Sometimes, however, it's not immediately obvious why things are being done the way they are. We're learning that this actually causes distress for some members, which is something we very much regret.

Your board of directors is always available to explain our decisions and actions. In fact, we would very much appreciate the opportunity to discuss the exciting progress we are making and share the "back story" behind much of it.

The last thing any of us wants is for our members to be distressed in any way, so please talk to us. Don't form conclusions based merely upon "what meets the eye" or upon what's currently circulating through the "grapevine." Please talk to us about our decisions and actions before you make up your mind about them (or about us). Ask us about what we're doing and why. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you learn! After all, no one knows the facts better than the people who are actually doing the research and making the decisions.

SOURCE: This article was published in the July 11, 2011 edition of the NLI BARE FACTS newsletter. I am the author. Check out the 2011 Photo Galleries to see what was accomplished during this ambitious year of construction and development.

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John Kundert's Naturist Legacy Scrapbook