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Website dedication

This website is dedicated to Naturist Legacy's founders, funders and builders. Without them, landed social nudism in Manitoba would not exist.

We're often told, "No matter where life takes you, don't forget where you came from." Just as people come from somewhere, so also do things. The 80 acres of land that became Naturist Legacy Park weren't a free gift. The park's amenities didn't magically build themselves. It must never be forgotten where all of this actually came from. The 2012-2013 board (on which I served as president) decided that something permanent should one day be established to remind Naturist Legacy members and park visitors of the founders, funders and builders the people who made Naturist Legacy Park possible and who literally saved landed social nudism in Manitoba.

If you walk around Naturist Legacy Park's campground, you'll see several small inukshuks. An inukshuk is a stone landmark traditionally built by the Inuit. Many ancient examples of inukshuk can be found in Canada's far north. One of the most basic and yet most profound meanings of the inukshuk is simply this: "I was here." At its most intrinsic level, the inukshuk declares that it's builder lived, and that he (or she) created something lasting.

Naturist Legacy would like to provide its major funders and builders with recognition for today and remembrance for tomorrow. Once our major construction is complete, we intend to extend formal recognition to our Founders (with their permission, of course) and to everyone else who has made a significant contribution to the development of our park. What physical shape and form this place of recognition takes will be determined in due course, but this one thing is certain: it will be permanent and lasting (see "A New Year's Reflection").

I haven't forgotten that promise of recognition and remembrance. I'm no longer in a position to fulfill it at Naturist Legacy Park, but I am in a position to fulfill it on this website.

The words and images archived here recognize the hopes and dreams of Naturist Legacy's founders, funders and builders.

They recognize their passion and dedication.

They recognize their generosity and sacrifice.

They recognize their intelligence and skill.

And they recognize their sweat and toil. So much sweat and toil.

The words and images archived on this website collectively proclaim that Naturist Legacy's founders, funders and builders lived, and that they were here, and that they created something lasting.

The early history of Naturist Legacy Inc. and Naturist Legacy Park is literally their history and their legacy.

Naturist Legacy exists today because of the sheer tenacity of a small and determined group of dedicated nudists unwilling to relinquish their cherished way of life. In the face of undeserved adversity, they devised a business model that has earned them a new home of their own and achieved a level of permanency for their naturism that was heretofore unknown (see "About Naturist Legacy").

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