John Kundert's Naturist Legacy Scrapbook

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I'm a keeper and communicator of Naturist Legacy history.

Naturist Legacy history in the hands of one dedicated keeper is a good thing. Naturist Legacy history in the hands of many keepers is a far better thing. If 10 or 20 or 30 people each have a copy of this website, then the history it contains will have a much better chance of survival than if it's just me keeping it safe.

Would you like to become a keeper of Naturist Legacy history? It's easy. I've copied everything available to the public on this website into two files (a photo collection and a document collection). Click or tap the links below for access to these files (installation help is included). They're free.

Download the Photo Collection dated (132mb)

Download the Document Collection dated (27mb)

I'm always updating this website and adding new material. Check back often to download the newest versions.

Naturist Legacy members have exclusive free access to another huge history collection on this website. If you're a Naturist Legacy member and would like to become a keeper of that collection as well, I'll provide you with a full copy. Please contact me if you're interested.

Help grow this website

This website is big, but it could be a lot bigger. My collections are far from complete. I'm interested in all things Naturist Legacy. If you're a current or former Naturist Legacy member, then there's a good chance that you possess material that I don't have. It could be things like you already see here Bare Facts messages, AGM documents, photos, etc. or it could be something completely different. Whatever you've got, I'd be very grateful if you would share it with me.

Please visit my contact page for ways to send your materials to me. Thanks for helping to save Naturist Legacy's history!

Questions? Write to or send a private message.

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John Kundert's Naturist Legacy Scrapbook