John Kundert's Naturist Legacy Scrapbook

The metamorphosis of Crocus Grove into Naturist Legacy Park

One hour north-east of Winnipeg and 20 minutes south-west of Lake Winnipeg, 69 members have taken on the mammoth task of re-creating the naturist environment of the former Crocus Grove in a new natural setting.

This summer members of Naturist Legacy Park have been hard at work building their new home. Electricity was installed, at new water well drilled, and sewage holding tanks put in the ground. Roads were cleared in the bush, several hiking trails cut and maintained, and thousands of square feet of their 80 acres of parkland cleared and groomed.

Twenty seasonal campsites were cleared with all but one now occupied. A telephone line was trenched all the way from the highway, a pump house has been built, and a washroom/shower building is nearing completion.

A deposit has been made on a new swimming pool to be installed next spring. There will be a volleyball and bocce ball court. Most importantly, everyone who wanted to move over from the old place has been moved, buildings and all. And we are debt free! All this was accomplished through the phenomenal financial and volunteer efforts of members.

We continue to rely on financial help to achieve our goals and have created a unique pictorial method to help everyone understand our immediate needs. Go to <> for a clear picture.

We look forward to greeting both current and new naturists to our new home in the summer of 2012.

Check us out at <> or <>.

SOURCE: "The metamorphosis of Crocus Grove into Naturist Legacy Park" by Roberta Shiloh. This article was published in the Winter 2011-12 edition (Vol. 26, No. 4) of Going Natural magazine (Federation of Canadian Naturists).

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John Kundert's Naturist Legacy Scrapbook