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First Advisory Council Meeting Held

The first meeting of Naturist Legacy's new advisory council was held on December 6th. The topics on the agenda were:
Non-Member Rates For 2011 Whether or not we should charge visitors (non-members) to our new property in 2011, and if so, how and how much?
Fundraising Ideas Internal and external fundraising ideas for Naturist Legacy Inc. to meet its development goals.
Naturist Legacy Inc. Standards And Policies Discuss draft of proposed rules / regulations / standards / policies.
The discussion surrounding these topics (which lasted just over two hours) was thoughtful and informative. Despite the seriousness of the topics at hand, we appreciated the congenial and sometimes lighthearted tone of the meeting. Naturist Legacy's board of directors would like to thank all who participated for their time and valuable advice. We hope to schedule another meeting for January or February....

We'd like to remind all Naturist Legacy members that you don't need to be on the official advisory council to share your advice. Members are quite welcome to informally advise the board of directors anytime by contacting John, Mark or Stephanie....

SOURCE: This article (slightly abridged) was published in the December 10, 2010 Naturist Legacy News Update. It was written by John Kundert.

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