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The Legacy Project (June 13, 2010)

Status Report

"The Legacy Project is a plan to preserve social nudism in Manitoba through the acquisition of land that will be held in trust and permanently designated for nudist use."
A non-profit corporation will be needed to purchase, hold and maintain our new property. On Thursday, the Crocus Grove Executive Board met to review the preliminary work that's been completed on the new corporate by-laws. One additional meeting is scheduled. The next step will be to retain a lawyer and have the by-laws (along with the Articles of Incorporation) professionally vetted. The lawyer will also be asked to draft the formal lending agreement that will be needed so that members may begin fulfilling their pledges, which will in turn enable the corporation to actually make a land purchase when a suitable property is located.

Also discussed at Thursday's meeting was the selection of a name for the new corporation. This is an important step. Our corporation's new name will appear front and centre in all of the marketing and fundraising campaigns that lie ahead, and so it must be carefully crafted with that in mind. The name of the corporation will be its first impression. It should reflect who we are today, but it must not limit us from maturing into what we may become tomorrow.

The land search continues. Informal discussions are underway with the owner of a property that we believe will be well suited for our new home. This property is not currently on the market, and so attempts are being made to gently persuade the owner to sell a time-consuming process. We continue to investigate other lands as they come to our attention. At least two more properties will be visited in the coming week.

Do you know of property for sale that might be suitable for Crocus Grove Sun Club's new home? If so, please write to REDACTED ADDRESS and let us know.

Here's a quick review of the property selection criteria that was discussed at the May 2nd general meeting. Ideally, the property...

...will be no more than 35-45 minutes beyond Winnipeg's Perimeter Highway;

...will be reasonably private;

...will have soil that's well drained so as to minimize the mosquito population;

...will have at least one structure (a home) that will act as a temporary clubhouse. This structure should have water, sewer and electricity;

...will have soil conditions that will permit the installation of an in-ground swimming pool.

It should be noted that we wish to remain somewhat flexible in this criteria. If vacant land that met all the other criteria could be purchased for a very low price, for example, we would have enough financial resources remaining to erect buildings and have hydro, water and sewer installed. This would give us all new infrastructure placed just where we want it, which would certainly be advantageous.

Another example of flexibility might be the decision to purchase vacant land in an excellent location over land with existing buildings in a much less ideal location.

SOURCE: This article (slightly abridged) was published in the June 13, 2010 Crocus Grove Sun Club News Update. I am the author.

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