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The Legacy Project (July 16, 2010)

Status Report

"The Legacy Project is a plan to preserve social nudism in Manitoba through the acquisition of land that will be held in trust and permanently designated for nudist use."
The documentation for our new non-profit corporation Naturist Legacy Inc. has now received its first review by our lawyer. Our work has passed inspection for the most part, with changes recommended to only a few areas of the Articles of Incorporation, by-laws and lending agreement. We are now working on those changes and hope to finish with the lawyer next week. The Articles of Incorporation will then be filed with the Manitoba Companies Office.

New Internet domain names for Naturist Legacy Inc. were purchased this week. We now own REDACTED ADDRESS, REDACTED ADDRESS and REDACTED ADDRESS. Purchasing the three most common Top Level Domains (.com, .net. and .org) will serve to protect the integrity of our brand going forward. A temporary placeholder page will eventually be replaced with a new professionally hosted corporate Web site. Work on the design of that new site is well underway.

Our search for land continues. Do you know of property for sale that might be suitable for our new home? If so, please write to REDACTED ADDRESS and let us know where it is. Here's a quick reminder of what we're looking for. Ideally, the property...

...should be no more than 35-45 minutes beyond Winnipeg's Perimeter Highway;
...should be private;
...should have soil that's well drained in order to minimize the mosquito population;
...should have water, sewer, electricity and at least one structure (a home) that could act as a multipurpose building.

We intend to remain flexible with this criteria. For example, if vacant land was found that met all the other criteria and could be purchased for a very low price, we would have enough financial resources remaining to erect buildings and have hydro, water and sewer installed. If vacant land was found that was of exceedingly high quality, it would likely be chosen over land of lesser quality that already had existing infrastructure.

Have You Made A Pledge?

More pledges are needed to reach our target goal of $250,000. Your pledge can be offered as a gift or an interest-free loan. These funds will be used to purchase our new land, buildings and amenities. You can play an important role in ensuring that there will always be a place to freely enjoy organized social nudism in Manitoba today and for generations to come. Please contact us today at REDACTED ADDRESS and support The Legacy Project with your pledge! Thank you.

SOURCE: This article (slightly abridged) was published in the July 16, 2010 Crocus Grove Sun Club News Update. I am the author.

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