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Naturist Legacy

The Legacy Project (August 7, 2010)

Status Report
"The Legacy Project is a plan to preserve social nudism in Manitoba through the acquisition of land that will be held in trust and permanently designated for nudist use."
Ah, the dog days of summer! Lawyers are on holidays. Government officials are on holidays. Office workers are on holidays. All of these people away on holidays have slowed our overall progress, but we nevertheless continue to move forward. Our Articles of Incorporation were filed with the Manitoba Companies Office on July 26 and should be processed by them any day now. A bank or credit union account will be opened shortly thereafter. Meticulous accounting will be essential for Naturist Legacy's success, and so a new set of books is being developed. Work continues almost non-stop on several other fronts, as well.

New Mailing Address

Naturist Legacy now has its own mailing address:

Naturist Legacy Inc.
PO Box 1955
Winnipeg MB R3C 3R2

SOURCE: These articles were published in the August 7, 2010 Crocus Grove Sun Club News Update. They were written by John Kundert. I rented PO Box 1955 for my newsletter from 1994 to 2014. I shared PO Box 1955 with Naturist Legacy Inc. from 2010 to 2014. They are now the sole renter.

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