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President's Year In Review (2012)

2012 was another truly transformational year at Naturist Legacy Park. We were blessed this year with a long construction and development season that began in early April and lasted into November. Many of you probably haven't seen the last of our large construction projects the grand sun deck. We're sure that this new sun deck will greatly improve the pool experience for all members....

In last year's "President's Year In Review" article, I listed all the major tasks planned for 2012. They were...

Install the pool, splash deck and pool enclosure fencing.
Finish the washroom building.
Build the outdoor showers.
Erect park signage.
Build the main sun deck.
Remove stumps in the west end of the Hydro corridor to create space for guest parking.
Continue improving our park's roads.
Finish the sand volleyball court.
Create a bocce ball court.
Continue improving our park's meadows.
Continue creating more nature trails.
I'm very pleased to report that we completed everything on this list ... and then some! We also extended and then painted the privacy fence in the Hydro corridor, built rain shelters for our two campground power centres, erected a flag pole, built a fence around the pool machinery, built a sidewalk from the road to the washroom ramp, and cleared the remaining mounds of debris and weeds from our "front yard" out by the main gate.


We must offer credit where credit is due. We could never have completed all of these projects without the generous financial support and active volunteering of our wonderful group of members. Thank you so very much! Some members went above and beyond this year by contributing either a large amount of their time or a significant amount of their money to the cause. Most of you know who these members are. When you see them next, I hope that you'll take a moment to pass along your personal thanks for what they've voluntarily done to improve your Naturist Legacy Park experience.

As you might expect, this was also another busy year for your board of directors. Between us we exchanged more than 1,630 e-mail messages and more than 540 files. Countless hours were spent doing correspondence, writing and reading documents, doing research, attending meetings and strategizing on the phone. This year we did business with electricians, water testing lab personnel, sand and gravel dealers, pool installers, sewage haulers, our building assessor, our insurance agent and our accountant. We dealt with the RM of Brokenhead, Manitoba Telephone System, Manitoba Hydro, Manitoba Office of Drinking Water, Manitoba Health and the Manitoba Companies Office. We had several meetings with our pool installers in Steinbach and met with government officials in Beausejour, Lac du Bonnet and at the park. It took all this volunteer effort and more to keep the development of Naturist Legacy Park on track and moving forward.

We saw a change to the board of directors in 2012. Stephanie resigned this fall and Rita replaced her. Our deepest thanks go to Stephanie for the important role she played during the difficult startup phase of both our corporation and our park. We look forward to working with Rita during the year ahead.

Nine people joined Naturist Legacy in 2012....

What lies ahead for 2013? Our last major development project the new clubhouse is now firmly in our sights. It will be our largest and most expensive construction project. As everyone knows, we never build anything until all the money necessary to fund it is in the bank, and so another round of fundraising is on the way.

There's a saying: "Plan for the worst, hope for the best." We're expecting that there will be wide support for this final major fundraising effort because we know that most members yearn for the many comforts and benefits that a clubhouse will provide. We're aware, however, that it may take years to raise these funds. That's the "plan for the worst" part, and we have indeed planned. Watch for the gradual role out of new clubhouse fundraising initiatives in the coming months.

The "hope for the best" part involves the possibility that there may be at least one or two members within our ranks who could step up and offer most or even all of the funding required for the clubhouse in the same way that the seven people we call our Founders stepped up and provided the more than $120,000 necessary to buy our property and fund our utility infrastructure. Just as these seven generous members funded our beginning, one or two new Founders could bring our major capital development to a close by personally funding our last big project the clubhouse. We encourage those members among us who have such means to please give this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity careful consideration. It's not too late to become a Naturist Legacy Founder!

The intense, volunteer-driven development of our park over the last two years has been truly extraordinary. It has impressed both those who have been following our progress from afar, and those who have actually visited us in person to tour our land and facilities. We're still new and we're still somewhat rough around the edges, it's true, but we're definitely well on our way now and destined, I believe, for great things in the future!

On behalf of the board of directors, I would like to wish all members and friends of Naturist Legacy a healthy and productive 2013! Happy New Year!

SOURCE: This article (slightly abridged) was published in both the members and non-members editions of the December 31, 2012 Naturist Legacy News Update. I am the author. Check out the 2012 Photo Galleries to see what was accomplished during this ambitious year of construction and development.

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