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Preparing for clubhouse construction

An aggressive fundraising campaign for Naturist Legacy Park's new clubhouse had been underway since January. We were pleased to inform members in May that our funding target had been achieved, and that construction would proceed. I drew the plans for our clubhouse. The board estimated that doing this drawing "in house" saved the corporation as much as $2,000. I submitted the plans along with a building permit application to the RM of Brokenhead in mid-June. As sometimes happens, we encountered unexpected red tape that caused a considerable delay. I'm grateful to Murray Cutmore, the RM's Building Inspector/Development Officer, for finding a workable solution to our issue. Our building permit (a public record) was finally issued on August 6th. We immediately began site preparations. Trees and stumps were removed from the building area. The wood pool enclosure fence was detached from its support posts and laid on the ground. Once the posts were removed, I used my circular saw to trim the uneven edge of the sun deck so that it would better align with the new clubhouse. Each section of the wood fence was then lifted upright, placed on the edge of the sun deck and temporarily braced. The wood fence would be permanently removed once the south wall of the new clubhouse was raised into place. With site preparations completed and with copies of my clubhouse plans printed, we were now ready to begin Naturist Legacy's Park's biggest construction project!

These photographs from my personal collection were taken in August 2013. Click or tap to enlarge (opens in new tab / window).

Naturist Legacy History: Gallery 39/01...Preparing for clubhouse constructionNaturist Legacy History: Gallery 39/02...Preparing for clubhouse constructionNaturist Legacy History: Gallery 39/03...Preparing for clubhouse constructionNaturist Legacy History: Gallery 39/04...Preparing for clubhouse constructionNaturist Legacy History: Gallery 39/05...Preparing for clubhouse construction

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